10 green office tips

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  1. Switch off the lights if you are last to leave the room – around 70 per cent of energy used in offices is attributed to lighting.
  2. Switch to ENERGY STAR® enabled equipment and use up to 75 per cent less energy.
  3. Upgrade office lighting to include occupancy sensors and timers.
  4. Ensure you buy energy efficient light bulbs – generally they use around 20% less energy and can also last between four to ten times longer than the average incandescent bulb.
  5. Covert desktop computers to laptops – they use 10 per cent the power of a general PC. 
  6. Shut down all equipment each night at the power source.
  7. Clean light fittings and tubes to restore up to 30 per cent of light output.
  8. Locate printers and photocopiers away from air-conditioning sensors – heat from this equipment can mean thermostats overcool the office. 
  9. Engage your staff – reward those who switch off their computers and monitors at night with a chocolate surprise! Staff behaviour also plays a big part in the success of your energy efficiency journey.
  10. Join CitySwitch Green Office and get a subsidised energy rating to monitor your progress and improve year-on-year. NABERS Energy ratings are the industry benchmark for any business serious about monitoring and reducing their costs and environmental impact.

These tips were provided courtesy of CitySwitch – CitySwitch Green Office is a free national tenant energy efficiency program which provides support and resources in the form of toolkits, case studies and regular information sessions with other dedicated sustainable leaders to help organisations on their energy efficiency journey. For more information on how to get financial assistance and support to help manage your office energy use visit the, visit the CitySwitch website.

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