10 tips on branding

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  1. You must have a unique selling point. You need to do something different to everyone else if you want to get different results.
  2. Create something such as a customer club, but give it a really catchy name. Use it to give customers great stuff – games, freebies, useful information, etc. Make a place of friendly contact that makes your customers and potential customers smile. This can be a great business and brand builder. There is another pay-off – you end up with a great database that you can market to.
  3. Think of games or giveaways that can be used in the media that lead to mass word-of-mouth advertising by customers who become captivated by the promotion. These kinds of initiatives can be launched on social media, but you must come up with something unique that creates a groundswell of interest in the community.
  4. Do your market research, identify market failure and come up with a solution to both buyers’ and sellers’ problems.
  5. Focus and specialise on one key market or region rather than trying to be number one in all markets and regions as multinationals try to do. 
  6. Celebrities can be great at endorsing a brand and if you take a chance and call them, you may find them to be more available than you’d imagined. But make sure there is a good fit between the celebrity and your product or service.
  7. Don’t make the customers feel threatened. The world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffet, has a simple rule: don’t buy into anything you don’t understand. This can apply to consumers as well, unless you make it seem simple.
  8. When challenged, try brand stretching – that is, take your brand into new territory with a slightly different focus.
  9. Try to deliver a product that provides a community benefit – you will find it easier to get free publicity.
  10. Make an appointment with your client to see how they use your product or service so you can discover by watching them use your products how you can make them even more user friendly or offer them suggestions for using your products more productively.

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