10 tips on employees

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  1. Engage in training for management and staff on a regular basis. See any training as an investment in the growth of your business.
  2. Empower your staff – it’s good for them and for your customers, too. This gives them a sense that they can make some decisions in the business and have a degree of ownership.
  3. Create a family atmosphere to reduce staff turnover. Many people are happy working for others as long as they feel valued and cared for.
  4. Create a great team environment by recruiting in favour of attitude over skill.
  5. Consider employing mothers on a flexible part-time basis for extraordinary loyalty and results. 
  6. Encourage all staff to make an impact and contribution to the success of the business. 
  7. Trust your gut about people, but not about numbers.
  8. Choose your staff carefully; their quality is vital to any company’s success in the food business.
  9. Create a vibrant and rewarding working environment where people want to be.
  10. You can teach technical skills but you have to have people with passion, drive, commitment and belief in what you’re trying to achieve.

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