12 better business tips

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  1. Think big and the cost could be completely dwarfed by the market reaction. Boost gave away an entire franchise and the radio station that carried the promotion did an enormous amount of ‘free’ advertising for the company.
  2. Innovate by continually asking: ‘What are we doing? How are we doing it? Can we do it better?’
  3. Seeking external help and paying for sound advice will help you overcome growth obstacles.
  4. Look for the positive lesson in every negative experience.
  5. Remember that combining professional systems with quality products makes it easier to secure contracts with the big players.
  6. Establish good contacts around the world by attending industry conferences and connecting with people with similar interests via the internet.
  7. Carefully explore the possibility of bringing in venture capital partners who can provide the financial resources for further expansion.
  8. Look to those who have excelled in your industry – read their case studies and learn how they did it.
  9. Prove to the banks that your business has a future. If you need to borrow money, show them a professional plan.
  10. If you do something really well, use your network to give you feedback on the strength of your product. Get them to try your products and ask them for feedback.
  11. To rest on your laurels is certain death – change and innovation is imperative.
  12. Look objectively at your business so you can turn weaknesses into strengths.

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