12 tips on systems

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Introducing and developing systems can assist in organising your business. Here are some tips to create great systems that will help your business grow:

  1. Systemise your selling approach, your sales management and the marketing of your product.
  2. Develop individual businesses within your business and collect the combined efficiencies of many businesses working within one operation.
  3. Implement systems to let specialists do what they do best.
  4. You need systems to monitor your business.
  5. You shouldn’t ignore things but don’t panic either. This only causes fumbling, mistakes and confusion. Create systems for problem areas – when you write how to do things down in an orderly way then you have an operating system. This saves time because you don’t have to repeat each task to anyone who’s new to your workplace – it’s all written down for them in the system. But keep the systems updated.
  6. Produce a policy and procedural manual. This includes your own mission statement as well as policies on sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace safety, etc. You have legal responsibilities in these areas.
  7. Establish systems in order to make growing other outlets relatively easy.
  8. Seek experts to develop a winning business plan and related system.
  9. Fully commit to your plan to build systems. Systemising your business helps if you want to franchise or license your operation.
  10. Be willing to pay for regular better business practice assistance, especially if it is a weak spot in your business arsenal. Even if you are good at say bookkeeping, if it takes you away from your strengths, (say marketing your business) then doing the bookkeeping yourself might be false economy.
  11. Analyse other businesses methods to see if you can do things better.
  12. Have a great business plan that will even make a banker smile.

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