14 tips on staff

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On drive

  • Motivating employees is the only way to give them drive
  • If you’re a manager, put yourself in their shoes and treat staff how you'd like to be treated and treat them accordingly
  • ‘Please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ go a long way
  • Put out a positive vibe
  • Try to make the workplace enjoyable.

On attitude

  • Instil optimism within the organisational culture
  • Don’t let one negative person affect the whole organisation
  • Don’t accept a pessimistic attitude from any member of staff
  • Make change a regular occurrence
  • Make change a fun thing and have it anticipated by staff.

On confidence

  • Encourage your staff to better themselves
  • Let your staff know that you believe in them and their ability
  • Delegate jobs to staff, not just the bad jobs
  • Boost morale by taking the time to show them how to do tasks.

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