20 low cost marketing tips

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Businesses that start to implement marketing plans are well on the way to setting themselves up for long-term success. So get serious about this now!

Here are 20 great tips to help you:

  1. Recognise changing social trends.
  2. Keep testing your changes, using consumer feedback to get it right.
  3. Pursue contracts with unbelievable fanaticism.
  4. Join a powerful networking group to benefit from business contacts and brainstorming. Build up a network of potential buyers and give them what they want.
  5. Beware having a domain name that could be close to a big business domain name. Remember: big business will take court action if they believe they could lose customers or internet hits because your name is very close to theirs.
  6. Develop a relationship-based business, where good communications ensure all participants are heard and responded to, and are empowered by their role within the market.
  7. Visit overseas trade shows to look for new opportunities.
  8. Look at ads for tender opportunities.
  9. Be a visible and hands-on business owner.
  10. Diversify so that you are not dependent on only one market.
  11. Don't let the bureaucracy stand in your way.
  12. Introduce perfect systems – it makes customers and staff more secure and happy.
  13. Look for synergies with related products or suppliers to increase your market reach.
  14. Always add value to your general product or service.
  15. Embrace new technology for new marketing channels.
  16. Giveaways can give people a ‘taste’ of what you’re selling.
  17. Being a totally environmentally-focused ‘green business’ can be sustainable and profitable. Many elements of the green approach to business will become fundamental to good 'main stream' business practice over the coming years, as issues of pollution reduction and limited resources grow even more evident in the world around us.
  18. Use any award wins in advertising and promotions.
  19. If a better business name works think about the pros and cons of changing it.
  20. Create local support for your business by sponsoring community activities. Become a key economic force in your local area via things such as employment, buying local produce, etc.

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