22 start-up tips

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1. If you have an idea for a business, do your research to see if it will work.
2. Make sure there is a need for the product or service.
3. Write down your vision, mission and values for your company.
4. Have a fanatical belief in your vision.
5. Tap into business and personal development experts. 
6. A new business will always consume substantially more time and money than you budgeted for in your worst-case scenario.
7. Never go into business with friends.
8. Do a budget so you have the funds necessary for research, development and marketing of your products.
9. Business owners usually react too late to changing circumstances regardless of whether the news is good or bad.
10. Stick to your core strengths.
11. Listen to those who have gone before you.
12. Network into groups to build your customer base.
13. Invest in a great website and make sure you bring in people who understand how to make your site Google friendly.
14. Focus on getting the right professional team in place from the start. 
15. Even if your business has the most humble beginnings, with a strategy and passion it can grow to great things.
16. Learn everything about your products, your business and your market. 
17. Find a business mentor.
18. Make this your goal – to create a business that can operate without you.
19. Never lose heart – there will always be hurdles to jump in business.
20. Have a sense of where you want to take the business and be aware of opportunities.
21. When you’re looking for ideas, choose products or services that are recession-proof.
22. Don’t let rejection from outsiders stop you from taking your business to the next level – aggressively believe in your dream.

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