Eight success principles

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Recently I was asked: “You hear experts recommending that businesses should do business planning. Is that a good idea?”

Experts do recommend some business planning and for many businesses that sounds boring or just too hard. But Australia's World Cup Wallaby coach, Rod Macqueen, fully supports planning. Macqueen adopted business planning signposts such as key performance indicators in monitoring and measuring his team. You know the old saying: “What you can’t measure, you can't manage.”

What good does planning do?

Apart from giving you a clear picture of your business going forward, planning: 

  • Challenges and extends our thinking.
  • Gives some insight and understanding of our business.
  • Provides us with a level of confidence and knowledge. 

Macqueen made his name as the world's leading rugby coach taking the Wallabies to World Cup victory in 1999 and picking up every prized trophy imaginable. But before all of this, he was a master businessman. In fact, Macqueen insists he used business principles to ensure that our national rugby team delivered when it counted. 

Here are eight of his success principles:

  1. Just like a football coach, business owners need to have a vision for the future and establish a game plan to cash in on their insights.
  2. Getting the relationship between the creative and operations divisions of your business right is like getting the outside backs and the tight five forwards together. Both cultures need to understand each other to achieve the best results. As a consequence, consider open office plans.
  3. The same cross over between football coaching and business leadership applies to long-term planning.
  4. Get ahead of the game to have a business or sporting advantage.
  5. Don't be afraid to change.
  6. Incorporate enjoyment into the business experience.
  7. Set goals and work to achieve them.
  8. Always be prepared to face the opposition.

Read more in Rod Macqueen's book One Step Ahead

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