Entrepreneur checklist

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Are you performing as well as you could be as an entrepreneur?

Review this checklist for excellence.

Which of these do you have handled, what are you doing superbly and what do you need to spend more time on?

Outstanding entrepreneurs:
    •    Have a clear and compelling vision of what their business will look like in three years
    •    Have concrete 30 or 90 day action plans
    •    Have assembled a team of excellent people to make it happen - their own staff or outsourced
    •    Spend 80% of their time on tasks they are excellent at, delegating the rest
    •    Have sales and marketing as their number one focus, reflected in both their strategy and their day to day activities
    •    Plan their day in detail before they start
    •    Spend at least one hour each week studying their industry, competition and business skills
    •    Keep their work environment neat and organized
    •    Act with urgency, trying lots of stuff until they find a way that works
    •    Keep their personal confidence strong, regardless of current circumstances
    •    Do the most important tasks first
    •    Switch off from work and truly relax, when their work day is done.

Be honest with yourself. Everyone has areas they could improve. Which of these aspects of business excellence are you weak on?

Make a list of them and work on solely one for the next week, until you have improved it substantially, then move onto the next one and do the same.

Success in business is no accident. It depends on consistently doing these 12 things superbly and consistently.

WORDS Siimon Reynolds

This article was originally written by website The Fortune Institute.


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