Rocket fuel for productivity

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As you probably know, I am constantly studying time saving, organisation and productivity. The reason is simple.

If we can find just one technique that can make us more productive in business, over five or 10 years the impact can be extraordinary.

Today I’d like to talk about a ridiculously simple technique that can make a phenomenal improvement to how much you achieve.

I learnt it from David Allen, a celebrated productivity expert, and it’s called The Two Minute Rule.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever a new task comes up (an email, a phone call, or a new To Do) you ask yourself one simple question. Can I handle this in two minutes or less?

If you can, you do it immediately. If you can’t you write it on your list of things to do later.

Is that all there is to it? Yep, that’s all there is.

But you’ll be amazed at how following this one rule improves your business performance and your life. For a start, you will no longer have huge lists of things you need to get done. By doing tasks as they come up your To Do list will be halved.

You also will rarely forget to do tasks, as you’ll either have done them immediately (if you can do them in under two minutes) or you’ll have them written down on a list.

You’ll accomplish much more, much faster. Your reputation at work will improve as you’ll become known for getting things handled quickly.

And your feelings of control will increase – a well known cause of life satisfaction (See control/happiness research by either Martin Seligman or William Glasser).

The Two Minute Rule is potentially life changing. And certainly business changing.

So try this exercise. Rank your current productivity with a mark out of 10. Then try The Two Minute Rule for five business days, then re-rank your productivity.

If you usually give yourself a six out of 10  for efficiency I’ll wager you will lift that to an eight out of 10. The Two Minute Rule is that powerful.


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