Seven tips to upgrade your service

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How do you know whether your customers are happy? Use this checklist to ensure your clients are receiving optimum service:

  1. Thoroughly research your clients to gauge their needs and wants. Build a profile of the different types of clients you may come across and use this to tailor your service to meet their requirements.
  2. Be an expert on your service and the industry. Your customers should be able to look to you and your staff for expert advice.
  3. Add value to your service where you can. It may be as simple as offering a customer a cup of coffee when they visit, to a fortnightly newsletter informing clients of important news or updates that is relevant to them.
  4. Be predictable. People like to know what they should expect. Make sure your service is always of a consistently high standard.
  5. Try to build morale with your regular customers. Everybody enjoys service when they feel it is personal.
  6. Brush up on your communication skills. In today’s busy world, many people forget their manners. Clients notice when staff are courteous and pleasant.
  7. Always ask for feedback on your service. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you have a much better chance of improving your service at large. And don’t think that because there hasn’t been any complaints, that your customers are all happy. You have to ask to find out for sure.

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