In brief: Deals Direct

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With Paul Greenberg and Michael Rosenbaum, co-founders.

Operating since... 2004.

Phrase to work by... Perfection is the enemy of ‘good enough’.

Greenberg says:

I am a big fan of…

Learning by doing. You need to nurture yourself, and your talents. And the ‘voices’ in your head that say you are not good enough, well tell them to go back to their rooms!

A business partnership is…

Like any friendship or relationship. It takes time to unfold, and get to know each other, but when you do, it feels really comfortable and secure. So the early days can be challenging, but the common vision and shared experience and journey is what holds it together, and then builds from there.

The best part of a partnership is…

The friendship, support and sharing the load. Being in business for yourself can be lonely, a good partnership makes it just the opposite! 

Rosenbaum says:

One of the things that I love about business is…

That there are always new challenges, and in online retail there is always something new to explore and plenty of learning each and every day, so I never get bored.

Paul and I are…

Extremely lucky to have an excellent partnership and an amazing team. Communication has been key to the success of our partnership.

The toughest part of entering a partnership…

Is getting to know each other, how each other operate and finding someone who has a complimentary set of skills and experiences to your own. Paul and I are great mates as well as business partners. It’s been extremely rewarding working together, we’re like an old married couple!

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