In brief: Philip Staub

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Q: Best leadership decision you have ever made?

A: To get the business right before growing. The growth is all very exciting, but without the right structures in place, you don’t go anywhere.

Q: When you were 12, did you ever picture you would be doing what you’re doing now?

A: Yeah, on some levels, yes. [I wanted] to be into the youth marketing, retail, fashion.

Q: What was your best sales experience?

A: Selling some display boards off the walls in a General Pants store many years ago to someone who was a mad collector. They were just some old, old, boards and someone was happy to pay any price for them. That’s what we do – we’re in retail. So we ripped them off the walls and sold them to him.

Q: What words would make you proud to hear about your business?

A: Endless consistency and true to our brand – doing it for the right reasons.

Q: What do you wish you had known before you started your business?

A: I guess all the back of office stuff – the whole supply chain and all that. Not the front stuff. Back of house – all the stuff you don’t think is important until you realise you’ve got to have it. 

Q: Do you worry about cash flow?

A: Yes – definitely worry about cash flow. That’s the key ingredient – many businesses have gone broke just purely on cash flow. We watch our cash flow really on a daily, weekly basis. We have rolling forecasts for our cash flow. Every financial we do, we have the entire cash flow attached to it. It’s a totally imperative check of the business.


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