SME spotlight: Anthony Puharich

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Anthony Puharich and his father Victor founded the successful Vic’s Meat business in 1996. In addition to supplying some of Sydney’s finest restaurants, the company's state-of-the-art standalone store, Victor Churchill in leafy Woollahra, is far from your average butcher, attracting visitors from afar.

Puharich shares some business insights.

I am driven to succeed because…

I absolutely love what I do, the industry I am in, the business and reputation our family has created and also because of my personal goal to create the best business and company that I possibly can.

In business, I admire…

Anyone who has the courage and determination to create their own business out of an idea that has turned into something successful which has really resonated with people irrespective of the type of business it might be.

A key goal in the year ahead is…

To finalise, deliver and execute the significant upgrade to our facility and head office in Mascot, Sydney. This has not only been the most significant, costly and ambitious project we have undertaken as a family but also represents the most exciting and innovative chapter in our business’s history – a real game changer.

To stay hungry in business it’s important to…

Never rest on your laurels, always think about the future and keep challenging the status quo.

The biggest opportunity in my business in the future is…

Making good quality meat available to a wider and larger audience than what we currently do.

My favourite business books or websites are…

Richard Branson’s autobiography – Losing my Virginity, Jack Welch – Memoir, Straight from the Gut, and David. A. Vise – The Google Story.

I’m passionate about my business because…

Of the dynamic nature of the industry, the relationships I have with our suppliers, the challenge of dealing with our customers and the incredible team of people that our business has attracted over the years who assist me in achieving the high expectations and standards we have set as a business.

On setting and achieving goals, my motto is…

Trust and believe in yourself and go for it.

I live my life by the following words…

Dare to be different.

To develop client loyalty, I…

Wholeheartedly and passionately invest in getting to know the customers’ needs, demands and expectations and then work tirelessly for however long it takes to develop a bond and build trust, which eventually leads to loyalty.

My tips to build word-of-mouth are…

  • There is no better person to represent your business than yourself, so get out there, network, meet people, clients and your competitors, start spreading the word.
  • Provide customers with a premium product and fantastic customer service, an experience they will never forget and you will always be remembered and the word of mouth will follow naturally.

Although word-of-mouth can take a bit longer in terms of building your business, brand and reputation, I believe it leads to a much stronger long-term business model.

Avoid mediocrity by…

Always having the courage to follow your dreams and be honest with yourself. Surrounding yourself with inspirational, interesting and people who challenge you will also assist you in striving for success and greatness.

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