SME spotlight: Ben Herden

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Award-winning NSW-based mortgage broker Ben Herden, of Mortgage Choice Gymea, shares insights on his business journey.

I love running a business because…

Of the flexibility it allows me, and the challenge.

The most challenging part of growth is…

Having the guts to commit to it, both financially and mentally!

My approach to business planning is…

Plan for success and growth whilst also being realistic. Making smaller achievable goals leads to bigger things over time

On recruiting good staff I…

Don't have the magic bullet! I have built a great team around me but have also had some misses. My goal is to recruit people either better than me, or who have strengths where I have weaknesses.

The biggest lesson I have learnt about business on the job is…

Customer service always comes first.

My thoughts on networking are…

It can be tough but it’s an essential part of growing the business.

The biggest influences in my business life have been…

Other successful self-employed business people including my father-in-law, previous CEOs of Mortgage Choice and my business coach.

To achieve a better work-life balance, I…

Make sure I spend quality time with my kids and to take time out for myself.

Advice I would give to young up and comers is…

Plan well, go hard and make sure you take time out for yourself. Personal recovery is half the battle.

Something I wish I knew when I first started my business journey…

Planning, networking and written systems are paramount to success.

My most successful marketing activity has been…

Database marketing, repeat clients and referrals from existing clients.

I see my business in the near future…

As working for me, rather than me working for it. Less reliance on the principal for sales success is my goal.

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