SME spotlight: Brad Rosen

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Former pro-basketballer, Brad Rosen, runs a successful Sydney-based electrical business, Glenco. Family runs at the heart of his operation, and Rosen opens up on how to build a business that stands the test of time.

I am driven to succeed because…

I like to win. I don’t mean this in an arrogant way but what I do mean is that I enjoy finishing whatever project I am doing and having my client be very happy with the outcome. As an electrician we are working in private homes, which is people’s private possessions. Completing a job and doing it in a successful way is a big win.

In business, I admire…

The people that work hard. We have a saying here at Glenco Electrical and that is that anyone can be an electrician but not everyone can run a business. We pride ourselves on our service and I admire anyone who has that hard work ethic.

A key goal in the year ahead is…

Manage their cash flow challenge. As our business has grown so much over the last few years it puts a strain on cash flow.

To stay hungry in business it’s important to…

Challenge yourself. Every day there is always something to learn and something that you can do better.

The biggest opportunity in my business in the future is…

Expansion. We have an opportunity to expand in a much wider variety than we currently are at the moment. A few years ago all we did was electrical. We now do CCTV, level II electrical, security and alarms as well as rectification and installation of phone systems. 

My favourite business books or websites are…

Charlie Greer. He is an American tradesman that has bought in upfront costing on all jobs. I’m a big fan of this as I like to give my client is an upfront cost of what the job will be so that they are aware and that there are no surprises with costs later on.

I’m passionate about my business because…

I owe it to my staff/team. I have 40 staff members in my company but I believe that I am actually employing 80 people. What I mean is that all my staff have partners, wives, husbands and kids. Glenco Electrical is not only employing the staff that work for me, but we are also employing their families. I believe family is a very big key to business and when anyone joins Glenco Electrical they join our family and as such their family joins our family.

On setting and achieving goals, my motto is…

It is fine to set goals as big as you want but do it in small steps. There is no quick solution in business. If you want to succeed it takes time and planning. Have a big gold that do it in small steps on the way.

I live my life by the following words…

Don’t die wondering. Have a go.

To develop client loyalty, I…

Must be loyal myself. This is to my staff, my clients and even my suppliers. I am a big believer that whatever you give you will reap the rewards.

My tips to build word-of-mouth are…

Treat every job that you do like it is your own. As I mentioned above, we go in to people’s private homes every day. Treat it as if it is your own house and people will love what you do.

Avoid mediocrity by…

Telling the truth. Unfortunately things never go 100% to plan. If something does happen then just tell the truth, fix it and move on. Your clients/staff/suppliers will appreciate it much more than trying to cover something up and hoping it doesn’t get seen.


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