SME spotlight: Joshua Nicholls

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Founder and CEO of multi award-winning Platinum Electricians, Joshua Nicholls, has a goal to be the world’s greatest customer-focused electrician company – he shares his insights on growth.

One of the key reasons for our growth is…

We deliver a service that creates WOW and is unforgettable which creates repeat business and referrals which in return keeps our advertising costs down to fuel more growth.

My advice to others wanting to grow a successful business is…

“Make sure you have that point of difference in the market place and always remain humble and teachable.

Best advice I’ve received is…

“On cash flow… Whatever you do and purchase in a month, invoice in the same month!”

One of the hardest things in the early days was…

“Controlling and funding growth which led to cash flow issues.”

I am motivated by…

“Giving, for me business is all about helping others, the bigger we get the more influence we can have (”

The greatest challenges are…

“Staying at the forefront of technology, things move very fast and you need to make sure you keep up.”

To me being a leader means…

“Caring and mentoring for your team, being the vision caster and understanding your ‘why’.”

The leaders I admire are…

“Anyone who leads with humility and not only has a successful business but also has work/life balance and a successful family life.”

Growing a business isn’t tough if…

“It will always be tough in different seasons as this is how you grow but to make life easier always surround yourself with great advisors/mentors.”

In the current climate, we’re focusing on…

“Culture, brand, delivering WOW.

In five years time I see the business…

“Being the world’s greatest customer focused electricians.”

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