Battle of the job websites

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New data from Roy Morgan Research has found LinkedIn is now Australia’s most visited career website.

The professional networking giant overtook Seek, in second position, and Indeed and CareerOne, both of which came equal third.

LinkedIn has improved its visitor number considerably. According to Roy Morgan’s website visitation data, more than 3.3 million Australians aged 14+ (17%) visited LinkedIn in an average four weeks in 2015 – up 60% compared with 2012.

By comparison, 3.1 million Australians aged 14+ visited Seek – up 28% since 2012.

“Just over a million Australians visit both websites within the same four-week period, leaving each with over two million exclusive visitors,” a statement from Roy Morgan said.

The company says it’s no surprise LinkedIn and Seek reach different audiences, given LinkedIn is a career network site while Seek is a job search site, however notes the unexpected gaps across segments.

LinkedIn was revealed to have the clear lead among the three quarters of Australia’s nearly 12 million employees satisfied with their current job – with 23% of satisfied workers visit the site in an average month, compared to 17% that visit Seek.

Seek, unsurprisingly, has a clear advantage among the 900,000 dissatisfied employees, with 36% of this segment visiting the site compared to 27% visiting LinkedIn. Seek also tops LinkedIn among the 1.3 million that are unemployed and looking for a job (44% vs 16%).

“However it’s perhaps notable that Seek also reaches more of the 1.5 million employees who say they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied (25% vs 23% visiting LinkedIn),” the statement continued.

Indeed and CareerOne tied for third position in terms of the most visited career websites, attracting just over a million Australians (5%), as well as the same proposition of satisfied employees.

“Indeed is slightly ahead among dissatisfied and ‘neither’ employees, as well as people looking for work (albeit in a virtual tie with both CareerOne and LinkedIn when our reach figures are rounded),” Roy Morgan said.

The Federal Government’s JobSearch website attracts 3% of Australians in an average four weeks, which jumps to 13% among unemployed job seekers.

However, global job listing site Adzuna is struggling to cement its place in the local market according to the research – only 4% of unemployed job-seekers visit Adzuna, far less than the one in five who visited MyCareer (which Fairfax Media transitioned into Adzuna in 2014).

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