01Rediscover your passion

Imagine you could be all of who you are when you're at work. Do you know what's stopping you? If you're in a leadership position, understanding what drives you is the single most important factor in the success of your business. It doesn't matter what drives you — it could be your love of design, your love for food, your passion for helping people get connected — it only matters that you are aware of what drives you. Everything about your business starts here. Getting to know yourself at this next level will change the way you manage, and how you think about your brand all the way down to the smallest interactions your staff has with your customers. Who you are is the thread that holds the whole thing together.

The good news and the bad news is that you are leading whether you like it or not. Your employees and customers are taking their cues from you. If you want a thriving business, self-awareness is not optional.

That might sound intimidating at first. But think of the opportunity you have. You don't have to broadcast it. Being a good leader doesn't mean you have to be a big personality. It just means you have a platform — whether you are a solo entrepreneur or CEO of a Fortune 100 company — to bring your passion out in the world through your business. And with that opportunity comes responsibility.

Becoming an Open Leader

The invitation is to take a step back and really consider where you are today. Maybe you don't feel like a leader inside at all and you feel like you don't know what you're doing. Maybe you're confident in certain strengths but notice how your leadership style is rubbing the right people the wrong way (it's okay to rub the wrong people the wrong way). Here's the key — your abilities as a leader aren't measured by how much you've got it all figured out. They're measured by how open and transparent you are with your strengths and your weaknesses.

It takes a lot of courage to dive into this territory. There are all sorts of reasons to put it off. It's hard to see up front how it's going to solve the problems in your inbox today. But in our experience, you'll be shocked at how quickly what you begin discovering helps you manage your day to day interactions. And you don't have to be finished with knowing yourself, you just have to be in process with it.

Who You Are Has No Competition

If you look at your competition, you'll see that very few business people have this kind of core strength. That's not a reason to do it, you won't get the honest result if that's your motivation, but it's worth noting that you are instantly separating yourself from the competition by taking this step. Believe it or not, this one factor alone — whether the business operates with integrity from the inside out — is the number one reason why people buy from you or don't. It's not about price, it's not about features, it's not even about reviews in social media — it comes down to one simple question: Do I want to associate with that person or not? Does it feel good to put my name next to theirs?

Can you see how figuring out who you are, what you stand for, and finding ways to tell your market about those things becomes critical? Your staff and potential customers are hungry to feel your passion, your care for what you do, so they can feel good about giving you their time and money. You do it for you, and then watch the magic happen.

Managing by What Matters

This lesson, Values, Passion and Purpose, is designed to help you discover — or rediscover — the things that matter to you most. Whether you call them your values, your beliefs, or your mission doesn't matter. It's the answer to the question: "Why do I do what I do?" It's a question and an ongoing conversation you have with yourself. It's the most important aspect of inhabiting your work — no matter what kind of work you do or how many people you do it with.

It's all what you put into it, and the results from this one lesson alone can change your business and your life. When you start planning from this place, designing a new product, setting pricing, recruiting new employees — everything is different. And it's not something you write and file away. You keep coming back to it because it's your anchor in tough moments. And it's the thing you'll look back on and think — "I always wondered whether I could really do this, now I know I can... it was in me all along."

When you know what drives you from this deeper place, your intentions and actions follow easily — you don't have to spend so much time analyzing and deciding what to do. You use your feeling and your intuition and it all starts coming to you instead of you exhausting yourself chasing it.

As you'll discover throughout the process, we have some counterintuitive approaches to business problems. And there's only one place to start that makes any sense to us and it's to answer the big questions: "Who are you?" "Why do you do what you do?" "What really matters to you in your life?" "What do you want to share with the world?"


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